Posted by: hellonhairylegs | January 16, 2008

27 Dresses – WARNING: Induces projectile vomit.

It was horrible. I would post a spoiler warning but I don’t think there is anyway I can further spoil this movie. Don’t watch it. I beg you, for your sanity. I trotted along to see the movie with my siblings for ‘quality’ bonding time.

I was expecting the usual sexist trash, and the movie delivered admirably. A woman who is always the bridesmaid and never the bride overcomes obstacles and then gets married. Shocker, I know. In the first ten minutes of the movie they have Katherine Heigel stripping as she goes from wedding to wedding (cue the *hur hur* from the few males in the audience).

The stereotypes in the movie also make their appearance, the female assistant, the male boss. It was like some republican fantasy, everyone was white (besides two token characters with less than five lines between them) and heterosexual. The only positive thing I have to say is that they have a female driving. A small victory, but one I clung onto throughout the movie.

Several things were frustrating, for instance one character states that marriage is stupid because is it “one of the last forms of legal slavery.” Excellent blaming you think? Think again. He was talking about the male in the relationship. FYI Hollywood writers, marriage can be a form of legal slavery, FOR THE WOMAN. In Western countries the whole assumed ownership element added to increased chores, hindrance to your career and all that jazz. The outlook for the rest of the world is even grimmer.

The actual wedding scene was poorly done. It was a very average beach wedding with a white dress being given away by some old white dude (yes, the focus was more on the dress than the actual human wearing it). Why is the marriage seen as the most important day of the woman’s life? Why are relationships the province of the female? Why did the protagonist change her name to that of her master/husband? Why was there not one plot twist that you couldn’t see coming from a mile away? There are two answers to the above questions. The Patriarchy and poor writing.

I’ll be generous and give it two stars.



  1. Hellon – right on. Hated the damn thing, and knew I would, only went to bond, and hoped for something, anything, blaming.

    So disappointed.

    A half star. Max.

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