Posted by: hellonhairylegs | February 23, 2008



The dusty light bulb atop my head glowed suddenly. I had an idea, a theory even. I think it was after reading something Mike Huckabee or one of those crazy preacher guys said (they seem to be involved with paedophilia and homosexuality a lot, resulting in a very high turnover rate, how am I supposed to keep track of who is who?). Details were unimportant, especially for a soon-to-be world renowned genius like me. Now, I was thinking that I live in a different world from the fundies and MRAs, and we only have the media in common. Surely they live in a different world, one with a different set of rules and where basic things like gravity and evolution might not exist.  This world must look like a strange place, a world where single mothers on welfare really do live in palaces and where women have more power than men through TEH SEX.

Then I realised I actually do meet the occasional nutjob and I sure meet plenty of misogynists. Now I have to wander back to the Men Hate Me theory. Goddangit, I was going to make a fortune in book sales.


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