Posted by: hellonhairylegs | March 16, 2008

Think of a Person

Think of an anonymous person.









Did you think of a generic white adult male?

So I have a thought experiment for y’all (yes, all of my three readers a day).

Do some combination of the below for every piece of writing, every movie and every song you consume for a day.

1.       Switch the gender of the characters (or even just the protagonist)

2.        Change the race of every character (or just the protagonist and antagonist)

3.       Change the sexuality of the characters

4.       Swap around characters with disAbilities and characters without.

Just doing this consciously for a day blows so many cultural preconceptions out of the water. I found that despite all of my theories and self-education I am still caught up in the various “isms” perpetrated by patriarchy.

I also recommend utilising this technique when you are forced to read “classics.” Think of the walls that will breathe a sigh of relief when the constant thump of books cease.

Do a thought experiment, save a wall.


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