Posted by: hellonhairylegs | March 17, 2008

Where can one post awful ranting poetry if not at her blog?

Preface: I’ve gotten far too many views from posting on US politics, so I’ve thought of a good way to confirm my totally irrelevance on political issues: posting bad, mostly meaningless poetry. You may applaud my genius at any time.

On the HSC

I’m so sick of writing when the words have no meaning

When they fall from my lips, dismissed

As petty post-modernism

I am taught so much

Yet parabolas are not check books

 (nor were meant to be)

If I could write Truth (or some approximation)

Would that not be Paradise?


An Ode to Markers


You are the final judge

One that decides Fate

Weigh our hearts against a feather

Feathers full of coffee


Who are we?

A river of bright-eyed faces

Gone in a squiggle of time

Paper after paper           

The same quotations (not quotes)

Over and over and over

(Repetition, tick the box)


Know this

For every essay I hate you

Every half-lie I loathe you

For every integration, yes BUT, everything

Even YOU

Captain of the ship

Balmer of wounds

Saver of souls

Who’ve guided me through shoals

(Advanced and its extensions)

Yes you.


Of course I feel the flood

Guilt and all its sweet relations

Is hate too strong?

Dislike, distrust, disgust

Or just a sea of confusion

Like everything else, when

Subjected to too much analysis



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