Posted by: hellonhairylegs | March 28, 2008

How? Why?


After watching that slideshow I could barely type, speak or think. It took me hours to process the swirl of emotions, chief among them being guilt, frustration and anger.  

As a white person who has benefited from this crap, willingly or no, I’m sorry. As a direct descendant from the white people who did this, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the lynching, the rapes, the slaughter and the years of oppression. I’m sorry to the Native Americans, Australian Aborigines and to everyone else my ancestors have systematically screwed over. I’m sorry that my previous has made it that much easier for people to get away with racism.

I acknowledge my white privilege. I’m not going to tiptoe around those idiots who say “it’s all in the past.”

I’ve posted this list before and I’m going to damn well post it again. This shouldn’t be happening and it’s not going to go away with time unless we work actively to combat hatred in all its forms.   

It’s only as I write this I realise how hard it was for Martin Luther King to be so eloquent. I don’t know how he managed to work non-violently in the face of bigotry. 


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