Posted by: hellonhairylegs | April 1, 2008

You Should be a Model!



I was informed that I “should be a model” today and I shamelessly pounced on it, fresh from reading blamer retorts. “I don’t want to starve myself to attain an unrealistic beauty image,” I replied, smug in the knowledge that I was speaking The Truth. I was strangely shocked when I heard I just needed to “eat the right food,” because apparently I have exactly the same body shape as my sisters and unlike my sisters, I have a stomach. [Remember kiddies, if the patriarchy designates you as female, having a stomach is bad! Pretending to be human is really bad! Not wasting all your emotional, financial and physical energy on becoming a better sexbot is really really bad!]

Boiled down, my sister’s logic was that having a stomach means I’m fat and therefore unhealthy. So according to the fount of sisterly knowledge it’s ok to slaver chemical crap on your face, politely invite the infections in by shaving/waxing/plucking but it isn’t ok to eat. Nice to know. 

After having my views dismissed I guess I should have said “The right food being a fourth of everything I eat?” Somehow I doubt that would have changed my sister’s mind.

I think it is beyond some people that “you should be a model” isn’t a compliment. Just like it’s hard to believe that I don’t want to know how hot my sister’s male friends think I am, despite my hairiness and evident insanity. Believing that women and POC are human is almost a sign from the heavens that I should order my straightjacket now!

I guess what upsets me the most is that I thought I was over being upset about my body critiqued, that I have finally recognised that the beauty ideal is incredibly stupid on the conscious and unconscious level. I was wrong, and those outposts in my head have gone guerrilla, recognising that now I’ve captured the forts they have to settle for being sneaky and striking when my guard is down.


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