Posted by: hellonhairylegs | April 4, 2008


If a person designated female by the patriarchy expresses dissatisfaction, anger or general unhappiness it is almost inevitable that someone nearby will question her about her menstrual cycle. “Ya have PMS or something?” is a common question, usually accompanied by a sneer. “You on the rag?” is a vulgar derivative which is usually uttered by the leader of a giggling pack of adolescents.

There are a few simple points to remember.

·         Whatever point someone is at in her menstrual cycle, her anger/ arguments and opinions remain valid. PMS does not magically make a problem appear, nor does recognising PMS magically take a problem away.

·         Asking someone about their menstrual cycle is only funny if you have an IQ in double digits.

·         It’s none of your dogdamn business!

I’m also going to take this opportunity to suggest a look at alternative menstrual products that have a small impact on the environment and are relatively comfortable. Only click if you can stomach overdone femininity (maybe my next post can be about how I really dislike the fact that whenever anyone wants to sell something to a female market they paint it pink or purple and slap a flower on it.)    


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