Posted by: hellonhairylegs | April 5, 2008

Open Letter to the Christ-o-sphere

(Disclaimer in an attempt to make it really hard for to misunderstand me: I’m not saying all Christians are evil. If you are a Christian who believes I have a right to be an atheist and you use logic, I have no quibble with you. My views don’t represent all atheists and this is a not a statement on the behalf of the atheist community.)

Dear Christ-o-sphere,

This is not an attempt to deconvert you; I just wish the tide of sanctimonious Christian crap about atheism would cease. Strangely enough, I don’t believe I’m an inherently evil person because I don’t believe in your Sky Daddy. I don’t need a higher power to tell me what is right or wrong. I don’t need the threat of Hell or the lure of Heaven to keep me in line. When determining my moral principles I use logic with a hefty dose of empathy. I don’t rely on the say-so of men from thousands of years ago, from a book which blatantly contradicts itself.

I don’t run around saying “How can Christians have morality? They believe in a god which advocates all sorts of terrible nonsense, like that a woman should marry her rapist!” I don’t believe all Christians are evil just because of the depraved crap done by individual Christians and the Church(es).

If Christians don’t try to convince atheists of their moral superiority, they point to Christianity as the only logical religion, usually including some form of Pascal’s Wager in their reasoning. It is slightly annoying when people try and convert me, but I understand that at some basic level you think you can save my soul. I find this tendency almost sweet in its narrow minded inept way. Just please don’t use Pascal’s Wager. It is stupid on so many levels, and that stupidity has been proved over and over and over again. If you do use Pascal’s Wager, it pretty much confirms my suspicions that you are just another idiotic Christian. Not only that, but most atheists have heard it before, and using it will convince them of your inability to argue with anything approaching logic.

I fully understand that if any amount of Christians actually read this letter they will see some parts of it as a justification for their prejudice against atheists, particularly if they actually explore my blasphemous blog. That being the case, I urge Christians to not take the word of whatever nearby authority figures in regards to atheists, or even my own word. Look at a variety of atheist works; look at religions other than your own. Let your children explore the world and let them make their own decisions.

If nothing else, please remember all Christians are not moral, nor are all atheists immoral. We are just human.





  1. I know I shouldn’t bite, but I’m sitting here on a Saturday arvo, and I’m a bit bored. You’re pretty much saying you want Christians to leave you alone. But then you post an open letter to the entirety of Christendom, calling for blog comments. Should I try and convert you or not?

  2. It’s interesting that you think the entirety of Christendom doesn’t use logic or believe that I have a right to be an atheist :P.

    I would appreciate it if you didn’t attempt to convert me as I wasn’t really calling for comments so much as I was asking for certain Christians to start thinking. This letter (written in a fog of procrastination and fatigue) is not so much about what you believe, but how you believe it.

  3. Christianity is a religion based on the principle of redemption through suffering. It’s primary symbol, the cross, is an instrument of torture, political repression and death. Catholics believe that when they take the sacrament they are literally eating the blood and flesh of their god. They were responsible for the Inquisition, the destruction of the pagan religion through witch hunts, the rape and plunder of South America and countless other atrocities. There is no point in adressing them as sane rational human beings because their religion is incredibly ridiculous, makes no sense and is about suffering. Surely God could have thought up some way to redeem mankind other than having his son nailed to a cross, except of course that the Old Testament clearly shows that the Christian god is a twisted psycopath.

  4. Wow Paul, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.

    Christianity is something that looks a lot more logical from the inside when most people around you are Christians. When I was a kid I used to be a Christian, and I still have hope that a lot of people indoctrinated into it will think about their religion more.

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