Posted by: hellonhairylegs | April 11, 2008

Nightmare in Poem Form

Not satisfied with writing irrelevant bad poetry, I’ve decided to write slightly relevant poetry that is even worse (I blame the cold).

I can hear the screams

burning property


I don’t see your awesome soldiers

I see the bodies

My sisters/ mothers/ daughters

Endless circle

I see my face, superimposed

(stylishly photoshopped)

How dare she speak up?



Why can’t you see/think/ know?


Alright kiddies, what technique

Is “The Author” using

To convey emotion

Be sure to quote


Atoms dance and mingle

That’s truth

Let my truth fade


Why can’t you hear them?

So my tears

They burn


Your cross, your rules, your uterus

my body? Psh, an object

It’s all about you

Hands tremble, eyes water


I see my children sold

No, I err, his children

Rescue me?

Rescue me from my/yourself?

I’ll crawl now


Who am I?
The Virgin or the Whore?


Never Human.


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