Posted by: hellonhairylegs | April 17, 2008

The Thin Privilege List

I’ve been exploring some fat acceptance blogs and I’ve come across the thin privilege list.

Some excerpts

7. I am paid more than a fat employee doing the same job.

10. I can shop in most stores and find clothes in my size.

18. My size communicates very little to most people and is value neutral. That is, most people don’t assume anything about my values, morals, etc. because of my size.



  1. My only problem with this list is makes it seem as though there are only two perspectives regarding the issue of weight and body image: the thin and the obese. What about people whom are in between?

    I am a curvy teenage girl, neither skinny nor fat. I might not have to worry about a gurney being able to hold my weight, but I have a very difficult time shopping. Men and women who are attracted to people of my size aren’t necessarily labeled, yet I am often judged for what and when I eat.

  2. I agree with BlurpleBerry. I’m petite. During high school, I was frequently referred to as possibly anorexic despite people seeing my fairly healthy habits. Once, when I fainted, a doctor deduced it must be because I was anorexic because compared to her 6-feet height and larger frame (in comparison to mine), I looked anorexic.

    I’m not suggesting their isn’t a thing privilege but I think it is more confined to a certain height and a certain frame rather than just thin. While “society” might value thin-ness over heavier individuals, even those who aspire to be thinner make insulting remarks toward thin people (for whatever reason).

    I’m not sure what obesity is like in Australia but in America, it is epidemic, especially in the southeastern part of the States. While I support every person’s right to feeling comfortable in his/her skin, some times I wonder what fat acceptance entails. Do we (in the States at least) have an understanding of breaking the thin mould yet maintaining a healthy lifestyle or is fat acceptance leading to increasingly overweight/obese people?

  3. You’re right about the fat/thin dichotomy Blurple, that’s one of the reasons why I hesitated before putting this link up. The list isn’t perfect but it does raise some interesting points.

    Neelofer, you might want to check out this link for more information about fat acceptance.

  4. Thanks for that link. It lends some insight. Those who I can truly blame for the rising obesity in the States are major fast food corporations that have enlarged their portions in incredible rates. What was considered a medium sized drink five years ago is now the small. The other problem is the numerous fast food locations in low-income/impoverished areas where access to healthier food is limited. For example,’s Map of the Day: Dwindling Local Supermarkets.

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