Posted by: hellonhairylegs | April 18, 2008

Reverse Sexism OMGEE!!!1!

To every man that says shit like “women have more rights than men these days” for any bullshit reason. Sit down, shut up and start listening. Yes, the gender binary sucks. No, you are not oppressed by women.

Gender roles are bogus, with people being socialised into certain roles based on their observable genitalia. As a feminist, I fight that crap. I’m also going to make you confront your male privilege so stop whining like a baby.

I’d trade an opened door for the end to the glass ceiling.

I’d trade the arbitrary “no-hitting rule” for an end to rape and domestic violence.

I’d trade the power of SEXAAY for respect.

I’d trade the ability to wear skirts AND pants for the ability to feel safe while wearing them. I’d like to feel safe in just one place, whether it be school, the street or at home.

I’d trade your payment for my meal for the right to my own uterus. I’d like the right to control my reproductive health, no matter where I happen to live.

I’d trade.



  1. You inveigh generally a couple times against “patriarchy”. I’m curious, what do you consider patriarchal values? Would you prefer these values replaced with matriarchal values? What sort of values would you prefer to be dominant?

  2. No, I don’t want a matriarchy, I want a world where everyone treats everyone else as if they are full human beings.

    I’m not very good at explaining and I don’t know exactly what you’re asking. If you were asking in good faith, check out this link.

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