Posted by: hellonhairylegs | May 6, 2008

International No Diet Day

As a radical feminist I believe that women are human. As an extension of that statement, I don’t believe we should strive to become pornbots. Whether it is by starving ourselves or going through a multitude of beauty rituals, trying to reach an impossible beauty ideal isn’t healthy.

Even if you like “feeling feminine” and you want to do something about x vanity pounds, diets don’t work. Why waste time and energy? Instead of trying to burn carbs, burn that umpteenth “I know we were wrong before, but here’s how-to-diet successfully this time” book. I’d also suggest spending the money saved from Weight Watchers memberships and tasteless diet crap on a Margaret Atwood book. Alternatively, you could use it to buy those oh-so-fetching instruments of torture red stilettos.

I only vaguely understand the motivations behind dieting. In a distant past I remember constantly starving myself, worrying frantically about food and comparing my stomach to that of every other woman I met. Those memories have been shrouded, almost as if I’m trying to protect myself from remembering how horrible it all was. I do remember enough to know I don’t want any women going down a path of self-hatred (I’m a tad biased, but feminism is a wonderful treatment when it comes to counteracting that kind of thing).

Please, don’t diet. Don’t do it for health reasons without finding out some facts. Whatever you do, don’t do diet to please men. Men have oppressed us for thousands of years and they directly benefit from male privilege, if they can’t handle their girlfriend having a few extra pounds then they can go fuck themselves. I have a sneaking suspicion that most of them won’t live up to the beauty ideal.

I won’t judge you for dieting, for counting calories or for going to your weekly Weight Watchers meeting. I will be concerned for your health and compose angry blog posts in my mind, but I won’t blame you.

Maybe you could take today to look at some fat acceptance blogs or to tell a friend that they’re beautiful (or maybe you could even tell them that beauty is culturally determined and isn’t really that important).

Happy International No Diet day to all!



  1. I’ve never dieted, but I always thought it was silly as a kit.

    I just ended up with an eating disorder. Thanks for reminding me to eat though 😛

  2. Dieting is pretty lame; I can’t stand listening to skinny girls at lunch time tell me about the things they cannot eat. I won’t lie though, those conversations often leave me feeling self-conscious 😦

    Great blog, by the way! (Margaret Atwood is awesome. I was actually introduced to her through my boyfriend of all people!)

  3. I love love love Shapely Prose and I’m so glad to see someone else putting the word out there about ’em.

  4. This is a fantastic day. I refuse to diet myself and I believe that no one should buy into a ridiculous scam that preys on the insecurities of others.

  5. Hey,

    Just wanted to drop by and say I enjoy reading your blog. I’m finding my way to feminism and you have some great insights.

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