Posted by: hellonhairylegs | May 13, 2008

“Feminism: Men are Shit”

From the oh so amusing Shit Happens (billed as the close-to-complete ideology and religion shit list).

They’ve written as part of their summary “Feminism: Men are shit.” It should read “Feminism: Women don’t deserve to be treated like shit.” I know this is just a vaguely comedic webpage that makes no attempt to be serious, but shit like this pisses me off.

Feminism is not about hating men. It is not about castrating them or doing other nasty things to them. Men are peripheral to the feminist movement; because if there is one ideology where men are not central, this is it.

The idea of the feminist as a man-hating bitch distracts from what we as feminists are trying to do. Fundamentally, feminism is about women. It is about creating a world where we are regarded as truly human.



  1. I actually have that poster in my room. (Well actually, after looking at the site, not quite. Mine’s a bit different.) It amuses me, even if I don’t entirely agree. Personally, what I was thinking of writing under feminism is “Patriarchy is shit”. I would consider attacking it with a pen if my mother didn’t already hate it enough.

    ~another Aussie teen feminist

  2. “….if there is one ideology where men are not central, this is it.”

    That by itself is complete awesomeness.

  3. Young men are mean and selfish sometimes, but that’s OK I am studying hard right now and I will be able to choose what is the best for me.

  4. I think the difference between the sort of feminism practiced by the average feminist and the sort of feminism that is captured the publics imagination is kind of like the difference between Wicca and the popular images of witches.

    In movies, witches are imminently powerful beings that can throw lighting bolts and shit. In real life, the witches I know mostly make crafts and drink herbal tea.

    Feminism has the same problem. When one here’s feminist they don’t think “That really nice lady across the hall who helped make sure the women at work made as much as the men.” They think…ah yes, the Emasculator.

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