Posted by: hellonhairylegs | May 20, 2008

The War On Terror (Rage Style)

Not satisfied with her absolutely brilliant series about porn, Ninedeuce has begun a War On Terror.

This war has as much chance at succeeding as the one started by Bush&Co. However, I firmly believe that Ninedeuce will pronounce nuclear correctly in all her press conferences. Additionally, she’s unlikely to steal oil or kill countless civilians, rendering her particular war far superior.

Ninedeuce defines Terrorism as “any action that makes use of fear to manipulate someone’s behavior. That fear needn’t only be of death or dismemberment, or even sexual assault, but can include the fear of censure or of being made an outcast among one’s peers.” The terrorists we fight are ubiquitous. They aren’t those scary brown men who are othered into myth; they are our family members and friends.

While commenting on the first post in the series Chlorophyll discusses the patriarchal medical establishment ands its role in creating terror. Low and behold I read (in tiny print and shoved at the bottom of the page) that a paramedic has been accused of ambulance rape. This act of terrorism is just like many that will be committed today, this week and this year. Once again we are struck by the fact that it sucks to be female under the patriarchy.

To any terrorists reading this, our moral high ground will overcome your patriarchal indoctrination! RAH RAH RAH!



  1. […] found a link to Hell on Hairy Legs, the feminist blog of a high school student in Australia who had linked to Nine Deuce’s blog series on pornography. It was from there that I found a link back to […]

  2. I am an ambulance rape victim. If you are also and after reporting your rape to law enforcement experienced nothing but cover-up ,please contact me. A priest told me about another rape victim in New Mexico, whoose rape was covered up clear through the state level as mine has been. Discovering evidence that other victims exist, I called agencies which I thought these women might contact seeking help for some type of justice. On contacting the main office of ACLU in Miami, FL here is the resulting conversation: We have heard from so many victims we are considering a class action law suit, so you have the names of any other victims in your county?! I thought something would now be done about the cover-up which is just as if not more terrifying than the raping. ACLu decided it did not fall within the dictates of their reason for existence and therefore declined to help the cover-up rape victims. I asked if they would distribute a letter with my name,# and address to the other victims appreciating the fact that they had to preserve the integrity of the other victims name. Even though the letter would exonerate ACLU from any liability, they still refused to help. Until the victims can come together we will never be believed, the cover-up is so thorough. I’ll give you an example of how the sheriff’s office covered up. I was picked up from work as a cardiac patient. My husband happened to be at my place of emp. when it happened but did not speak to me so they had no idea he would be following the ambulance to the hospital. He watched the ambulance leave and arrived at the hosp. before the ambulance approx an hour later and saw me taken off the arriving ambulance. The ambulance records both hand written and computerized showed they only had me for 13 min. Wrong and there were numerous other witnesses which could verify my husbands testimony. In the mean time in the ambulance, they put something in my IV but started on me before I was out. The sheriff told my husband, this never happened when they came to interview him. My husband said” I don’t understand, from what you are showing me (the obviously fasified records) it never happened, but I saw her put on that ambulance and approx 1 hour hence saw her come off that ambulance.” so the sheriff entered into the investigation record. EVEN HER OWN HUSBAND SAID IT DID’T HAPPEN. My husband and I were in shock when we saw this report. My husband is a former municipal judge and an attorney. If they can do this to someone who is comfortable around the law, I can’t imagine what all the other victims are feeling. They are picking up women, using what I believe to be the date rape drug from my research (It does not show up in the blood, only in urine and you have to be specifically looking for it within a short time after administrationI) They are not stupid, they use condones to prevent depositing DNA evidence and lubricant to prevent skin abbrasion, they then clean you up and deliver you to the hospital. I was a cardiac patient,they gave me a drug strong enough to keep me unconscious for approx an hr. I’m luck I lived through it. The drug causes severe short term memory loss. It was approx 5 hrs before I could remember the struggle in the amblance. How many women have not survived this brutal assault? How many women and children broke say a leg, was transported to hosp and subconsiously know, so therefore staart acting out. Cant make love with their husband anymore, nightmares or worse. A young girl faints at school, and after an ambulance transport goes from straIGHT As to drugs. How many women who caught on and reported it as I have are now being threatened by law enforcement to try to keep them quiet. In an effort to discredit you they say you are crazy. My husband says I’m pulling on superman’s cape and I can’t win. Worse he believes I am in danger. I am an American and I love my country. If you would have told me anything as sinister as this could be going on without redress, I would not have believed it possible. But believe it. I will fight it to the day I die, and I have made it clear to them there is no amount of money on God’s green earth that will ever shut me up until something is properly done about the rapist, the company protecting them, but most importantly those in government protecting them. Please let me hear from you.

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