Posted by: hellonhairylegs | May 27, 2008

Formulae in Feminism

You’ve been oppressing us for x years, so considering the fact I’m a lovely self sacrificing female, I’ll only oppress you for ½x years before introducing equal rights.

Liberal Feminism: Exponential Patriarchy (Patriarchy as Radioactivity?)

Radical Feminism: Fuck the Graph (knocking over the table)


Let t= trolls c= Concern trolls m= MRAs p= threats and pointless insults

10t = 7c + m + 2p

Let f= Feminist Blogosphere w= Blog War and s= Acts of Sisterhood

 f = w + 240975s

(Love y’all)



  1. I just wish that the half-life of patriarchy was more like that of francium than carbon-12…

  2. […] Hell On Hairy Legs finds mathematical formulae in the flavours of feminism in “Formulae in Feminism”. […]

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