Posted by: hellonhairylegs | June 1, 2008

Aliens in My Shower

I do most of my thinking in the shower. The white walls combine with a dizzying array of bottles and tubes to make an alien landscape where my thoughts can roam as they please.

Today there was a note of discord among the pink, purple and blue tubage. A brown canister loomed next to a random carcinogen. I look wonderingly at the canister, it promised to give my hair a “multidimensial shine” and the picture on the back had real hair turning into what appeared to be snakes. A Magic Canister! I think happily, welcoming the sign from the aliens that I’m indeed supposed to be a time traveller and/or the reincarnation of Medusa.

A few hours after using that gunk and I still haven’t travelled through time or space. Furthermore, my hair refuses to hiss despite my pleading. It was rather naive of me to think that advertisers might deliver on their promises. After all, they give us things like this.



  1. Girl, I love your look…outlook…perverse look at life! We strange, hairy women need to stick together…I just had to have my Happy 50th Birthday Colonoscopy…which by the way may have saved my life…they found a growth…a gross growth, but what else could be in the colon area…anyway, stay on task, Sheri, yeah, I had to shave my legs A to A…ankles to ass…to save myself from total embarassment…or should I say…em-bare-ass-ment…wharped chick, aren’t I? Summer is coming anyway. Okay, nice job. Enjoyed your posts. Just think how boring your life would be without men and fathers to contradict. Keep on writing…an old lady from the US…South Dakota…a relatively unknown life in a relatively unknown state. DisorganizedOrganizer

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