Posted by: hellonhairylegs | June 18, 2008

Powerful Epiphanies

When I was a little girl I wanted power. I wanted to control and shape minds and matter. This manifested itself in my insistence on playing sport with the boys and pretending to be Sailor Venus. I watched talented and ambitious boys be taught how to earn power as I was taught to seduce for it. I was taught I could be powerful through a man, that I could control them with a flick of the lid and an exacting amount of cleavage.

Power through one remove is hardly power, and relegates women to a second tier even if we are successful in our snares. This power is also used as bait, baiting us to continue in our search for the beauty ideal. It can be used as a thin shield for men to hide behind, because aren’t they just helpless beings who are under our control? Finally “power” through sex is only lasts as men allow it to. Hardly some incredible voodoo.

I am I taught I can only earn power through my vagina while men have political, social and economic power in spades. Women start from a position of no power while men automatically have some clout. Then of course, people who have the power to change the world don’t want to.

(And no, everything wasn’t Cleopatra’s fault.)



  1. my big epiphany the other day was that it’s not that “ugly” women are not objectified, it that they are judged to be bad at fulfilling their role as objects. So when a construction worker does not whistle at me, it is not because he respects me anymore. that is why people get upset when the whistles stop.

    we become past our use-by date. the only “power” we have is as sexual objects. when we lose that tiny bit of allowed “power” we are truly left with nothing.

  2. IMO empowerment through sexual appeal is the biggest crock and I despise the way it’s being sold to young women. It’s dependant on the approval of others and can be withdrawn anytime. Real power comes from within and it’s about what we do and who we are, not how we can appeal to others.

    Voodoo is a brand of pantyhose after all 🙂

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