Posted by: hellonhairylegs | June 20, 2008

Sexism in Politics

Hillary Clinton: The first serious female candidate for the US presidency.

Belinda Neal: An Australian Labour backbencher. Two words: Media Frenzy. 

Michelle Obama: A woman who isn’t herself elected by the people but is subjected to more criticism than the men who are.


Wow. I’m really feeling the vibes of our post-feminist world!



  1. My first reaction was to feel ashamed that men could behave so badly!

    My second response was to say that, if the behave like this, they must be rattled!!

    My third response is to say that the future of the world and of humankind, rests on engaging with women so as to overcome male dominated fundamentalism of every kind. Wouldn’t it be great if America could set a good example?

  2. That made me so angry I swore at the computer, and I’m at work.
    While the men’s comments made me mad, I was more upset and sad that most of the women just sat there and allowed the comments to slide. You could see in their expressions that they were uncomfortable and/or upset at the comments, yet they did not respond. I guess that is the real power of the patrichary.

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