Posted by: hellonhairylegs | July 1, 2008

Like…NO WAY! Wevs.

Two things that aren’t actually feminist acts:

  1. Voting for John McCain
  2. Watching Porn

Feminists may choose to do these things but neither of these acts are inherently feminist (shock horror).



  1. That’s rather an odd conflation… And it bears mentioning that neither is watching an inherentlyunfeminist act, as some people try to argue…

  2. I know a lot of sex-positive feminists that say porn is feminist who would never vote for a Republican. Equally, I know a lot of radical feminists who would never watch porn who are so disappointed by the sexism in the Democratic party that they’re voting for McCain. I figure I put in one thing they disagree with and one thing they *know* to be true and mess with a lot of heads. Just because I do strange stuff like that.

    Regarding porn, is your orgasm more important than the lives and health of women? If yes, don’t mind me. If no, then consider the message of the anti-porn movement. I find this link is good for men
    And this link has more resources

    And excerpt from the Stop Porn Culture website
    Studies show that after viewing pornography men are more likely to:
    1. report decreased empathy for rape victims
    2. report believing that a woman who dresses provocatively deserves to be raped
    3. report anger at women who flirt but then refuse to have sex
    4. report decreased sexual interest in their girlfriends or wives
    5. report increased interest in coercing partners into unwanted sex acts

  3. hohl, i’m a long-time listener, first-time caller (etc). like you, i’m a feminist living in australia.

    unlike you i am 30-something. gee i wish i was as switched on as you are when i was in high school. or, frankly, now. you really give me hope (at a time when not a lot does).

    but i digress – my point is that i am off to share your links with my (also 30-something) friends. maybe then they will finally get what i have been trying to tell them – what i’ve felt in my bones but could never adequately express. fingers crossed.

  4. Blah Blah Blah FALLACY! Blah Blah Blah

    Blog Owners note: I’m too intellectually lazy to argue with yet another dude defending porn. So I guess my juvenile self just deleted all that muck. Hah.

  5. Agreed.

    But making feminist porn, watching it yourself and raising awareness about it, is a feminist act, in my opinion.

  6. Thanks ocy and good luck!

    JH- Feminist porn, you mean porn in a magical location where patriarchy has been eradicated? 😛

    I guess we will have to agree to disagree on that issue.

  7. you mean porn in a magical location where patriarchy has been eradicated? 😛

    No. 😛

    But that’s the reason why feminists who wanted to make feminist porn started their own production companies and made their own movies, because of the patriarchal bullshit in mainstream porn. We’ve always managed to work within and outside systems we disagreed with, otherwise we’d never get our books published either. Movies, music, porn, they’re no different. At least, in my opinion.

  8. I agree–there are some people who seem to think that everything a feminist chooses to do is somehow a feminist act, and this is just not true. Although I have to partially agree with whatsername, that pornography can be made that is at the very least not ANTI-feminist.

  9. I don’t know about this mystical porn y’all are talking about (and I don’t really want to know). At least I know you guys aren’t voting for John McSame.

  10. Not like Obama is a whole lot better, but you know, lesser of two evils and all that.

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