Posted by: hellonhairylegs | July 14, 2008

My 101st Post! Blogrollin’

I’ve been lazy when it comes to blogrolling, and now that it looks like this will be a somewhat permanent gig I should probably step up my game. If you’ve linked to me in your blog please comment and I’ll add you to my blogroll.

And just because I’m loathe to waste an entire post on admin issues, here is a Doctor Lol.



  1. Hey, congrats hohl. Awesome stuff. And please do keep it coming.

    I haven’t linked to you yet but I will (nowhere near the 101th mark myself yet – but it’s early days…)

  2. Me! Please.

  3. Thanks ocypete. Please link to your blog in your next post. I’d love to check it out.

    I added you a while back Lauredhel. Your blog is sorta the flagship blog for us aussie feminists.

  4. And me, please.
    (My hand is in the air and I am sitting up straight, Miss)

  5. The world of vegetables shall never be the same. Great blog.

  6. Oooh oooh me! I found you a couple of months ago and added you to my blogroll – I’m loving your writing! πŸ˜€

  7. Thanks Anji, the feeling is mutual. Your post on the intersection of radical feminism and transpeople was really good. It is a touchy subject which I haven’t been up to covering.

  8. Hey Hellon,

    had you on my blog roll since I first read you, but I understand if you don’t want to link to me. πŸ™‚

  9. I can has be blogrolled plz? LOL
    I like your stuff and I’m happy to have you on my blogroll, too! I’m pretty new myself, but I think I’m making a good start.
    (Uh, do I have to raise my hand and sit up straight?)

  10. I linked ya! In mad envy for your apparent effortlessness in blaming.

  11. Lemur and notawhisper, you’re added.

    Whatsername, I’m still thinking about it. You’ve linked to my blog and you’re a regular commenter, yet your proporn position makes me leery of linking.

  12. I know this is probably splitting hairs to you, and I appreciate that. But, it is important to me.

    I am not “pro-porn”.

    I actually actively dislike the vast majority of mainstream pornography.

    What I’m not against is the *idea* of pornography, which is, putting sexual activities on film to be watched by others. Which is why I cannot class myself in the anti-porn position either. I believe that idea can be and is being done in a woman positive, sex positive, feminist way.

    And I believe in “porn reform” because I’m watching it work. The more woman positive porn I’ve introduced my husband to, and pointed out bullshit in the mainstream stuff, the less of it he’s into. I’ve watched this for years, not putting pressure of any kind of him, just pointing this shit out and showing him better. And it’s worked. And yah, he’s special, but I don’t think he’s TOTALLY unique. I do think it can work on a large scale.

    Anyway, I also don’t say any of this in any way to convince you of my position. I support anti-porn people because I think it takes all kinds, and I really appreciate your motives. I just…I do want you to understand even if you don’t agree. And I am truly uncomfortable with the pro-porn label because it’s simply not an accurate indicator of my beliefs.

    ALL THAT said. LOL. As I said initially, I understand that my not being anti-porn is problematic for you, and something we fundamentally disagree on. And there are no hard feelings if you don’t want to promote my blog because of that.

  13. Ok, I guess I missed that distinction. I’m anti-porn because I believe all porn makes women into objects and that porn cannot be feminist in a patriarchy. Takes all sorts to make a world I guess.

  14. I dunno about that – we’re not a hierarchy – but thankyou for the compliment, anyway πŸ™‚

  15. Thank you Hellon. I do try to spice up the suburban vege patches!

  16. I link to your blog… Not sure if you want to link to mine though. I’m not writing a purely feminist blog even though I identify as feminist.

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