Posted by: hellonhairylegs | July 15, 2008

Just More Stuff.

I was indulging in some well earned soul-healing with Margaret Atwood when I decided to check the news. Kevin Rudd rubbed shoulders with George Pell and pandered to the World Youth Day Pilgrims. Disappointing but not surprising.

Then I trot over to the Sydney Morning Herald to discover how a “boys club” bullied a woman into committing suicide.

CHRISTINE HODDER, 38, was a much-loved woman with a husband and a three-year-old daughter, and had almost completed her Bachelor of Nursing degree when she killed herself in her backyard.

Ms Hodder, after enduring years of bullying by male colleagues at Cowra ambulance station, where she was the first and only female officer, hanged herself on her child’s swing in April, 2005, a parliamentary inquiry into the NSW Ambulance Service has heard.



  1. I lack the words for how sickening that is. I read things like that and I wonder how we even go on dealing with the world, even while we do.

    And I don’t have to live with a patriarchal dude in my home. Ability to gain a non-patriarchy-pusher infested home is one of the great, massive, overpowering reliefs of legal adulthood.

    Hang in there HellOn.

  2. Well this is good news at least, eh?

  3. Thanks Helen.

    Yeah, the new laws had to be changed at least somewhat. I’m glad the court did something.

  4. I passed your post along to Shakesville, and it’s been linked here:

  5. Thanks for the notice Helen. It’s good that it has been brought to the attention of so many people.

  6. […] have gotten there before me, so go read HellOnHairyLegs and […]

  7. Reading this story made me cry. How fucking hideous.

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