Posted by: hellonhairylegs | July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight

I was going to write a review but Stephanie Zacharek said it better.

“The Dark Knight” looks as if it were made from a messy blackboard diagram with lots of circles, heavily underlined phrases (“Duality! Good vs. evil — in the same person! Kinship between hero and villain!”) and crisscrossing arrows that ultimately point to nothing.

There’s no dramatic arc in “The Dark Knight” — only a series of speed bumps.

From the feminist perspective it is more of the same; all about the white dude and his manly anguish. Sadly it didn’t offer enough in the way of plot or character development to counter that.



  1. I found the movie enjoyable enough, but I was not happy at all with how the female characters were handled by the script.
    Aside from the only major female character being “shoved in the refrigerator,” I do not understand why the camera was always focused on Commissioner Gordon’s son in the scenes with his family when it is his daughter who will eventually become Batgirl. We don’t even get to see her face in the five minutes she is on screen!

  2. It annoyed me too. The touching farewell, the child threatened by Twoface. All about the dudes.

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