Posted by: hellonhairylegs | July 27, 2008

On the Madness that is Event Themed Fridge Magnets

And then he said “Get back into the kitchen” *hur hur*

One of my friends classmates had a wonderful time telling me yet another joke involving women and kitchens. Because as y’all know it is incredibly rare for a feminist to be told those jokes, and we find it such an original example of wit. *sigh*

A while back there was a lovely day, full of sunshine and happiness. For the first time in ages I could go outside without feeling I had to check my extremities for frostbite. My family decided it was the perfect day for a shopping trip. *sigh*

A combination of these two events got me to thinking.

We perused an entire store dedicated to kitchen appliances in an area with two dozen shops, most of them boutiques for tourists. It is the kind of place people like my family shop at for practice rather than to actually buy anything. Still it has a shop which focuses solely on the kitchen.

The stores contained an avocado slicer, event themed fridge magnets and glorified pipettes among other useless doodads. What the hell is wrong with us? I can stomach snazzy watches and room sized wardrobes but event themed fridge magnets?! Capitalism and consumerism is fucking crazy.

Perhaps I am a little fixated on the event themed fridge magnets. Yet, take something as simple as a cups. We have glasses, tea cups, coffee mugs, wine glasses, champagne flutes and sundry plastic novelty containers. There are even magnets that masquerade as cups. Do we really need all that?

We are also prey to the pervasive idea that we need a normal set of dishes and a nice set. The same goes for cutlery, place mats, coasters and salt shakers. What if we used half the time spent on buying this crap for ourselves? Because let’s be honest, under patriarchy it is the women who are expected to buy these things. Not only that, they are expected to wash them and use all the above mentioned doodads to create food for the household. The upper echelons of the groups who sell this crap, the groups who make it, the groups who market it, those are the ones who profit. Of course, under patriarchy, they are predominantly men. -insert rant about how women perform the vast majority of unpaid labor

I don’t particularly care if my place mats and napkins don’t match. I’m also not going to buy fifty little doodads. I can serve pasta with a spoon if I so choose. And no, I will not get back in the kitchen.



  1. I love the frequent posting! Please keep giving Patriarchy the finger- you’re an example and one of my favorite blogreads.

  2. Thanks Lemur. Unfortunately I will have to take a hiatus from posting soon because of the madness involved in the HSC trials.

  3. I think you’re missing something important. These Easter magnets can serve as a handy reminder every time we go into the kitchen that the date is coming up on which we celebrate the appearance of the zombie who used to be the guy that got killed so we’d know the gays are evil and the broads shouldn’t be allowed to have sex without being forced to have babies they don’t want.

  4. Oh. I see. Silly of me to have missed that.

    Welcome 😀

  5. Historically the home is where you display your wealth.
    Back in the days before banks, peeps kept their wealth in the form of plates and cups of silver and gold, and of course jewlery.
    Once we started putting our money in the bank we continued to demonstrate our wealth through conspicuous displays of excessive amounts of stuff.
    Criminy, we really are silly asses aren’t we.

  6. Interesting. Do you think the drive to display wealth is a product of the patriarchy? It would fit, but then again I keep hearing an ev-psych bullshitter blatting on in my head about mating rituals, displays of ostentation and something about caves.

  7. I do.
    I think that laws of the Patriarchs, designed to maintain the hierarchy, have become traditions.
    The sumptuary laws are a perfect example of this. They were laws that restricted the lower classes from displaying clothing or property that was above their station, so that anyone would know, by how you dressed or what your house looked like, what your class was and how you were to be treated by those above and below you.
    Those laws are long gone, but the tradition of displaying your status for all to see lingers on. So does the tradition of displaying the highest status you can afford, in the most visible way possible.

  8. The multitude of doodads available to us are also signifiers of our knowledge of esoterica, which ties into us being a leisure class with the time to learn this stuff, as well as the money to buy it – f’r instance the reason champagne flutes are used is because apparently the shape helps the fizz stay longer, and hot drinks stay hot longer in ceramic than glass or plastic.
    I think the owning of special items for keeping drinks fizzy or hot probably also ties into that display of physical wealth and class thebewilderness is talking about there, too.

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