Posted by: hellonhairylegs | August 12, 2008

I’m Finished!

Woot! I finished my last trial. Now all I have to do is study for the HSC (*panic*). Sorry for not blogging so much, life has been somewhat chaotic of late. I’ve got a random dude lusting after me because I’m “a challenge” and some Catholics following me around like puppydogs. Didn’t these people get the memo? From July to the end of the HSC our life is supposed to be suspended.

Storytelling Intermission

Dudley Dude: You frigid dyke bitch!

HHL: Dyke: yeah. Bitch: hell yeah. Frigid: nope. I think you forgot hairy. I’m a highschool girl that doesn’t shave her armpits, don’t I get points for that?

Dudely Dude: -run away-

Talking to former friends is so much fun.

End Intermission

Anways, today I’m going to take a break from studying dead white dude wank and listening to bad French music. I might watch the Olympics and throw things at the television in a patriotic fervour, but then I would have to actually watch sport. Ugh. Trashy science fiction it is.



  1. They thanks for the blogrollery HellOn! I’ve stucked you on mine. I too am heading into the final phase of some academic shit so I’m gone on posting hiatus for a couple of weeks myself. Best of luck with yours.

  2. Is it bad that I found that intermission funny as hell? Also, has no one told the puppy that lusting after a gay woman isn’t a “challenge”; it’s futile and makes one look stupid?
    LOLZ all around, then!

  3. My pleasure Eevoid, thanks for the blogrollery also. I think I will need to break out the bribing chocolates to get the mark I want for this set of exams, I hope yours goes better.

    I thought it was funny also. The expression on his face made it a “you had to be there” moment.

    I told the puppy that he was barking up the wrong tree but it just encouraged him. I’m going for the ignore approach, though if it gets too bad I’ll turn snitch and get figures of authority involved. Clueless straight dudes are annoying.

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