Posted by: hellonhairylegs | August 16, 2008


My fauxgressive white dude acquaintance was joking about porn. I let myself go and ranted about men hating women. He came back with the standard “it’s getting better” and “everyone’s equal now” approach. If there is something that pisses me off more than trolls who can’t spell, it’s people believing that things will get better just because, that things will get better even if we all hum and plug our ears. It is these types of people that hinder “things getting better.” So I bulldozed with my hapless acquaintance with facts (the pay disparity between men and women is actually increasing in Australia) and he ran away shocked at my sudden venom. He fell over a chair in haste, and called back over his shoulder “I blame you.”

Dude, when you start waxing lyrical about how “Inara isn’t really a whore, she’s a companion” unlike “the other whores” then I blame you. I blame you for upholding the patriarchy and slut-shaming. Fuck you.



  1. What… the… hell? Was the guy stoned, or what? Douche-weasel.

  2. *Hajahajajjaj!* <— Well how would you spell a supportive battlecry?

    Good (Kali/or other deity or nondeity of your choice) you rock so much!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!

  3. I had a moment like that today. I was serving as the liaison for the campus Feminist organization between us and the Young Democrats, and my contact met me at a local coffee shop with her boyfriend. He wore a t-shirt that said, “I put the sensual back in nonconsensual”, and thought that I might think it was funny. When ignoring it just became too much, I told him that his shirt made him look like a rapist. I have never seen anyone get so mad in public, at me, before. I think I burned that bridge. Oh well, he was of the “I do nothing but hinder and deny, but it’s getting better and you’re making it worse by talking about it” line. We don’t need allies like that.

  4. I don’t know Lemur, he seemed like his usual self, it is me who has changed. The sad thing is he is one of the most “radical” people at our school.

    Thanks Paula! Welcome to the blog.

    Jenn, that sounds like the typical liberal dude. He wears a shirt implying he is a rapist, acts like it is funny/edgy/witty and then gets annoyed at you for calling him out.

  5. You would think that eventually they would recognize that what they say and do will effect their ability to receive the unconditional trust that they constantly demand. Criminy!

  6. Well we wouldn’t want to expect toomuch from teh menz. They require at least two years of handholding doncha know?

  7. When ignoring it just became too much, I told him that his shirt made him look like a rapist.

    I’d say that a fucker wearing a t-shirt like that is a rapist.

  8. I just want to know WTF he was “blaming” you for. That we aren’t all actually equal and he’s in deep denial of male privelege?

  9. True Allecto. Either way he is creating a hostile environment for women and normalising rape. Asshat is far too weak a word.

    He was blaming me for stepping too hard on his fee-fees and making him fall over a chair. My heart weeps.

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