Posted by: hellonhairylegs | August 21, 2008

More Meta

I’m changing my tagline to “not chemically specific enough” (fire double meanings at will) as that is what my teacher told me about my chemistry test. I said “ethanol is not as energy rich as petrol” while I was supposed to say “ethanol produces less energy per litre than petrol.” It sums up my scholastic history of getting the right answer in the wrong way. When taking the HSC is treated as a discipline at the same level as English or Maths then I draw the line. I’m terrible at working crappy systems, I prefer breaking them.

I’ll be rotating taglines at will, keeping it chaotic as possible. I changed the image to make my legs a little thicker, accuracy is always nice.



  1. Why would I care about the energycontent of a litre of ethanol or petrol? Per mol CO2 is the important question!
    TsTs, teacher.


    I like your tagline though. More chemistry for the intertubes.

  2. Thanks Paula. The CO2 impacts is tricky, because of the land clearing and transport involved in producing ethanol. It comes out to be about even. Add in the Global Food Crisis and ethanol kinda sucks.

  3. Did I ever mention that you’re my hero for not shaving your legs? I tried to once, but the combination of the itch of growing irritating my eczema and the “ohmygod, I’m so hairy and gross” made me pick up the razor in the shower after just three weeks without it.

    I’ll always admire people that are better at resisting the beauty ideal than I am (I plucked my eyebrows yesterday after a month, tis sad. At least I haven’t dug up my makeup yet). It’s extremely hard!

  4. Thanks Jenn, but I was hardly heroic. I had to throw away my razor or once I hit the two week mark I would have to shave (yet I don’t have eczema). Now I just don’t notice it. I’ve gotten so used to not shaving that shaving would seem bizzare.

    It is really easy for me to resist the beauty ideal. (a) I don’t care what boys think (b) I could become P-approved in days if I really wanted to be (c) I don’t have eczema and (d) I don’t have a job.

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