Posted by: hellonhairylegs | August 25, 2008

To the Dudes at my Library

  1. If you say “you’re not homophobic, but…” then you’re probably being homophobic. Especially when you say “homosexuality isn’t right.”
  2. Having GLBTQI friends doesn’t prove you’re not homophobic.
  3. If you start talking loudly about God’s will and the “creation of woman for man” then the lesbian atheist next to you will be pretty pissed off.
  4. Yes, you’re not as bad as the Christian fundies in America. Who the fuck cares?
  5. You words have consequences and you’re creating a hostile environment for GLBTQI students.
  6. When aforesaid lesbian atheist informs you of all this, as least have the grace to look guilty about it and/or wait until she’s out of earshot before using her as proof that “those types of people” just won’t discuss things rationally.
  7. Yes, you have freedom of speech. Having the freedom to open your fucking mouth doesn’t mean what comes out of it isn’t wrong. Yes, you can be wrong.
  8. Homophobia just isn’t right.

kthnx bai

To Everyone Else

There is a recent idea that if you say or think something it is OK as long as you don’t act on it. This seems to be a byproduct of people thinking that lynching is so passé, but wanting to keep their cherished isms. There are homophobic/ racist/ sexist/ thoughts and words just as there are deeds. Words in particular can be used as weapons against oppressed classes.

Freedom of speech gives you the ability to be an asshole, but not the motivation. As the movie Spiderman (that movie with the white lead, white love interest, white best friend and white villians) notes “with power comes responsibility.”



  1. The Camden NSW anti-Islamic protests shows that a lot of people still hold bigoted views – at least they admitted that they only weren’t more open about it because they were frightened of racial vilification laws

  2. Hell yeah we won’t discuss things rationally. I have no use for rationality that supports age-old systems of oppression; in that light, I hope to be one of the least rational creatures ever to walk the Earth.

    The funky thing I’ve noticed about -isms is that people believe that the -ism is less harmful if fewer people are affected by it. Placing the individual at the center of the inquiry is unheard of. I say again, if that’s rational, I want nothing to do with rationality.

  3. Thank. You.

  4. Good on you for standing up to them and pointing out the obvious: that their arguments have more holes in them then fishing nets. The way they tried to defend themselves with the same tired old clichés makes their ignorance really, really obvious. That was the best they could come up with? God, freedom of speech and “hey, I have a gay friend!” are some of the worst defences of homophobia out there.

  5. Thanks everyone. Amy, as far as I’m concerned I’m one of the most rational people on the planet. If you accept the premise that women are human than a lot of things follow. What these people don’t get is that not only does homophobia affect the GLBTQI students, it affects everyone (harsh policing of the gender binary = everyone gets constrained).

    Ellis, yep, if they really want to be homophobic you would think they could come up with some better arguments. The sad thing is that a lot of the time these clichés work.

  6. Isn’t it funny how bigoted people managed to redefine concepts like “rationality” to mean “agreeing with my unexamined prejudices.”

  7. I hate the reletiavism argument. it even gets used by racist homophobic people in the states. “we don’t make women wear burkas… so shut up and stop complaing….”


    as a mathematician, you seem rational to me.

  8. Too true Beppies.

    Yeah, the relativism argument has to go. The most frustrating thing is when you reject one example of it; they find a new example, as if that proved their point.

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