Posted by: hellonhairylegs | August 30, 2008

Why I Don’t Trust the Left

Looking back over my posts for the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that all the guys I’ve argued with regarding sexism or homophobia have all been white liberal dudes (mainly because I don’t waste time on the conservatives). I also realized I hadn’t talked about more than a fraction of similar encounters over this time period. There was the dude who managed to use the n word and make a joke about pedophilia in the same sentence and the dudes who decided to name their team “Save the Boobies”. Other encounters are listed below, again only a fraction of the discussions I’ve had recently.

HHL: Global warming sucks. So many people are going to get screwed over.

Dude 1: Yeah, but Australia is going to become an island, that is so cool.

HHL: Wha?

D1: You’re always so negative; you need to look on the bright side of things.

HHL: Sometimes there isn’t a bright side.

D1: Name one time where there isn’t one.

HHL: Rape.

D1: The rapist enjoys it.

HHL: …

D1: …

HHL: I can’t believe you just said that.

D1: Well I had to say something.

For me this encounter encapsulates a lot of problems with the left. They care more about winning an argument than what it right or wrong. Dude 1 wasn’t done there.

D1: Fine, then the plus side is the rapists get caught.

HHL: No, no they really don’t. Conviction rates are in single figures everywhere I can think of.

D1: Well he could get caught and not convicted.

He used semantics to continue an argument where he was clearly in the wrong. The incredible ignorance of women’s issues is chilling. Men don’t care or know much about women’s oppression because they don’t have to.

HHL: I’m so fucking sick of the sexualisation of lesbians. Love, lust or whatever is so not for male consumption.

D2: I totally agree. But it’s HAWT.

HHL: But why is it viewed as hawt, why has it been sexualised?

D2: Because it’s hawt?

HHL: But it shouldn’t be. Two women making out isn’t intrinsically attractive to dudes. It has been sexualised through media imager-

D2: And it’s HAWT! Don’t worry HHL, I agree.

Again, the liberal white dude in question displays a total lack of understanding. This encounter represents the willingness of dudes on the left to agree with us, but unwillingness to change their habits.

In summary, and taking into consideration my previous posts, these are the problems within the liberal left and part of the reason why feminists don’t trust so called progressives. These issues don’t happen in isolation in the student community, these trends hold for liberal blogs. They must be addressed for the left to receive the trust and support of feminists.

1. Use of religion (or in rare cases their lack thereof) to act as shield against homophobic or sexist views.

2. Unwillingness to change their actions to minimize women’s oppression.

3. Caring more about winning an argument than about what’s actually true.

4. The blind belief that things will get better.

5. Use of relativism to excuse their bigotry (“We’re not as bad as men in the Middle East, stop picking on us!”)

6. Ignorance of issues that affect women.



  1. This on top of the sound of the liberal hate machine geared up to attack McCain’s running mate, Palin, because she has a vagina.

    I fucking hate liberal dudez. They should know better. I think they just like being liberal because they’re more likely to be right or something.

  2. “I think they just like being liberal because they’re more likely to be right or something.”

    You might have a point there.

    Liberal dudes are annoying. They pretend that they’re on our side when they really aren’t. Then again, that’s true of the conservatives, who pretend they care so much about women that they just want to oppress them as part of the natural order of things. Assholes.

  3. I think they just like being liberal because they’re more likely to be right or something.

    That’s just it, sadly. The whole schtick of trying to win an argument no matter what, with semantic games or whatever else works, is fundamentally childish — it’s a natural stage children go through and to be encouraged when they do. But it’s for children who don’t know how to actually think completely.

    And fauxgressivism is attractive because it has lots of rhetorical fodder for childish one-ups-manship.

    (Defn. fauxgressive — someone who claims to be progressive but isn’t feminist. There is no such thing as progressivism without feminism, hence, fauxgressive.)

  4. Use of relativism to excuse their bigotry (”We’re not as bad as men in the Middle East, stop picking on us!”)

    Just so you know, this never stops. Once a guy is willing to make this argument, it’s all downhill from there, and you can rest assured that if he hasn’t already, he will sexually assault someone but claim he’s a good guy because he didn’t do some particular act some serial killer did.

  5. At least most conservatives have the “chivalry” thing that keeps them from calling me a bitch or a dyke when I am a feminist in public. They just pass by the booth and shake their heads, and I know that they are lost anyways. The liberal dudez come over and try to start a fight. They push us out of their political organizations and ask our female heroes to make them a sandwich. They tell us that we’re ruining their party, because it’s always been “their” party, and there’s no room for anything but their swelled head. They think that simply by claiming that they are race and gender blind that sexism and racism is over. They tell me this after they finish a conversation about the best strip clubs in the area with a friend.

    Liberalism, to them, is a fad. It suits their purposes because what tiny bit of rationality they have is more interested in a party that sounds right than a party that sounds righteous. Regardless, they will never understand identity politics, and they don’t want to.

  6. “They think that simply by claiming that they are race and gender blind that sexism and racism is over” Fuck that pisses me off. As if anyone can be race and gender blind in this world.

    Helen, the serial killer relativism example is a sobering one. Men just don’t get that it doesn’t matter if there are some people somewhere that are worse than they are. They are still being sexist/ homophobic/ racist assholes.

  7. They go in a circle with the reasoning:

    “I’m not a bad guy. This thing I did might not be great, but I didn’t do what that other guy did, and he’s a bad guy, so I’m not like him. So I’m not a bad guy.”

    And on it goes. Whatever he does can’t be really bad, because only bad guys do really bad things. And he can prove he’s not a bad guy because he can always come up with some horrible thing he doesn’t do to point to as what the real bad guys do. So the fact that he can name something bad he didn’t do proves he’s good, and the “fact” that he’s good proves anything he does must not be really bad.

    So the problem must be you, you bitch — is where they always end up.

  8. It’s much the same all over the world I guess. I’m from Norway and here too I tend to find the most offencive pricks where I would’ve expected to find allies instead… in my case the socialist and communist parties. (In Norway the liberals are the conservatives, go figure.)

    I do love an argument, if only guys like these could stand to be a bit original at times it wouldn’t be half bad, but it’s always the same garbage.

    The worst thing about it in my opinion is how it steals your energy. How these guys leech onto my patience and good mood and drains it all away. In my book it’s a concius thing too, it is energizing and ego boosting to throw simple circle arguments at somebody untill they begin having problems coming up with intelligent answers and then when they get confused and get tempted to argue back in the same way you can point out the flaws in their arguments.

    I used to do it before to preachers in the streets.

    But the main point I guess is they would never keep up the banter if somebody they really respected showed signs of real offence, I know I wouldn’t.

    And why don’t leftist males respect women? My cheap answer is porn. And/or the whole culture around porn.

    If I ever fall in love with a man I hope he is a conservative, religious and disiplined one. Then at least I could sort of respect him…

    God I’m such a bitch, so I guess the problem is all me…

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