Posted by: hellonhairylegs | August 31, 2008


I’m writing poetry again! This is the first time in a long time I’ve felt that words aren’t turning into dust under my finger tips, although the poetry itself is somewhat mediocre.

For All Those Feminist Writers

Riot grrls cavort with nuns

Words run riot

Judith Shakespeare gives us Romeo and Paris

Juliet, the Nurse and Rosalind are the Three Musketeers

Hermione morphs into Wonder Woman

Voldemort and Batman run away

Mr Darcy takes a re-education course

While Elizabeth takes over the world

Lady Macbeth creates a media empire (or twelve)

and Goldilocks sues for defamation

It’s a Character Revolution

Words wriggle and letters collide

Reality flickers in and out

Stories change. We change. 

Until finally we find a reality that fits

The world stills.


A book lies in front of you

Full of (chaos and potential) 

Blank pages


For All Those Gamer Dudes

To you it’s just a game

grab the dice, first to the finish line


A few spaces are marked

“Boyfriend” to propel you forward

“Asshole” to push you back


You think I’ve cheated

Changed the rules, weighted the dice

You Fail (to see that)

You don’t even have a playing piece



  1. May your empty book fill.

  2. Nice writing.

    It reminds me of Lemon Demon’s Ultimate Showdown.

    Hopefully after an intro Women’s Studies course I’ll understand your blog a little better. My semester has just begun with the first WS lecture coming this week!

  3. Paula, so mote it be.

    Josh, good luck with uni, I don’t know much about women’s studies myself.

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