Posted by: hellonhairylegs | September 5, 2008

Fun Things to Do (some more practical than others)

  1. Feminist Graffiti
  2. Subscription Card Activism
  3. Replacing hotel bibles with The God Delusion or The Female Eunuch
  4. Not tick the gender box in standardised forms.
  5. Write subversive fanfic
  6. Submit things to the next Down Under Feminist carnival.

Any quirky additions?



  1. Try replacing hotel Bibles with Harry Potter books. Mark your sex as “other” (write it in the margins). Make inflated speeches about Palin’s husband’s dress sense and comment on Obama’s hawt legs.

  2. Freeway blogging feminist quotes.

  3. What’s a subversive fanfic? This makes me curious!

  4. When you’re out with a group of people, don’t excuse yourself to go to the ladies or the bathroom. Say loudly; “Just goin’ fer a slash”.

  5. Subversive fanfic is fanfic that pokes at the dominant values in society. So some slash fanfic is subversive but the male gazey bisexual stuff probably isn’t.

    Lol Spiders, I might have to do that in America, where if you say “going to the toilet” everyone looks at you as if you’ve grown horns.

  6. Must read

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