Posted by: hellonhairylegs | September 5, 2008

WWW: Zhang Shan

Zhang Shan
Zhang Shan

Zhang Shan won the gold medal in mixed skeet shooting in the 1992 Olympic Games. In the 1996 Atlanta games she didn’t compete, the event was changed to men only. Hers is a story that demonstrates how very stacked the deck is.

She is still shooting competitively.



  1. Somehow I’m not surprised.

    I’ve seen the same syndrome before in competitive Irish dance. The rules for age categories let you lump the oldest categories together if there are only a certain number in those categories for the same competition rank. This often means that the highest age category may be 15-and-over or 18-and-over or anywhere around there. It’s at the champion levels that you see 24-and-over.

    Anyhow, some parents started making a fuss that they didn’t want adults competing against their teenagers because adults can’t hack it. Which made no sense because fine then, if adults really can’t perform to standard, they will never win, so it doesn’t matter. Just pretend they’re not there.

    Of course there were those who wouldn’t drop it. And when pressed for a reason that made sense, it turned out that they were afraid the adults *would* win, and their children might not.

  2. Yep. They were fine with mixed sport as long as they thought women couldn’t win.

  3. Wow, wtf. :\

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