Posted by: hellonhairylegs | September 7, 2008

WTF Moment of the Week

I was tag surfing and I came across a post (not linking) that implied Two and a Half Men is evidence of the great feminist conspiracy to emasculate teh menz. I dutifully watched it, under the misconception that if the MRAs didn’t like it, then I would. I could only stomach ten minutes of that misogynist crap. How the hell can someone’s world view be screwed up enough to believe a show featuring three white dudes is feminist? A show which features women as disposable fucktoys, (lol your) fat and shrill ex-wives.

Dudes, if we take over Hollywood, then you’ll see some real feminism. The shock might be fatal.



  1. What? Huh? Wha… Huh? That show is like freaking Three’s Company but all dudes… how can anyone possibly construe that as feminist ball-breaking?

  2. My reaction precisely. I guess the lesson we can draw from all of this is don’t underestimate the stupidity of MRAs.

  3. Ew. Ew. Ew.

    Ugh. Charlie Sheen is the first tip-off. I don’t see how any self-respecting human being, short of an intervention and subsequent reform, could watch that man in anything. His track record (both personal and professional) is dog-awful.

    I will never understand some people.

  4. Tie them to a chair and make them watch Teeth.

  5. Ugh, that show. I can’t stomach it. I watched a few episodes occasionally b/c I think Jon Cryer is cute (yes, I grew up in the 80’s).

    But one thing I noticed about that show (and many others…two examples I can think of off the top of my head are Frasier and Scrubs) is that there is a really misogynistic character that even the other men express distaste for (in Frasier, it would be Bulldog, in Scrubs, it would be Todd), but yet the other men are misogynists, too, but only to a lesser, “acceptable” degree. They act all smug and superior, but they aren’t any better, really.

    I think the reason they express distaste towards the really obvious misogynist is that they can’t believe he doesn’t have the decency to try to play the women. He’s too obvious and crude.

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