Posted by: hellonhairylegs | September 13, 2008

American Politics Everywhere (and not a drop of progressiveness to drink)

Why must everything be framed in terms of American Politics?

Take this for example. There are the obvious issues with the headline “Female eyes Japanese prime ministership” but the news is happy.

The five candidates who are vying for the post were rallying supporters from the top of a campaign van outside Shibuya railway station in central Tokyo.

Among them, for the first time, was a woman.


“So I’m not Mr Obama or Sarah Palin, but I feel people support me because they want to change Japan.”

American politics is EVERYWHERE. *twitch*

That’s it, no more Republican vs. Democrat fisticuffs for me. I will skip past every post mentioning it and will not click on any news article mentioning it. It is fairly sad that so much of the world is affected by the votes of 300 150 million people, but I’m sure I’ll find out who wins eventually, and reading various people sifting through the polls won’t change the outcome.



  1. Yeah, the polls mean very little, as the last two presidential elections have proven that most votes mean even less. Particularly the people’s from racial minorities, lower socioeconomic classes, with criminal records, students, nomadic lifestyles or (coming up in this election) have recently had their homes foreclosed!

    What are we down to now? 100 million? Sorry, I just watched Palin say we should go to war with Russia (don’t think she’s got a handle on the mutually assured destruction thing as it’s been out of vogue for 20 fucking years). And then listened to 3 people I generally like and respect say they are voting M/P since they are ‘shaking up the status quo’.

  2. And I’ve read people I respect and like claim Palin is a feminist.

    America really needs to introduce compulsory voting. McCain wouldn’t have a chance.

  3. and reading various people sifting through the polls won’t change the outcome.

    You’re so right– but I keep reading them anyway. *sigh* Not much we can do from here though. If I was in America, I’d probably be out there campaigning for Obama, not because I think he’s the Magic Answer to Everything, but simply because the prospect of McCain/Palin is so very frightening– there will be so much more war in the world if they win (and I don’t even want to think of what that means for women in those nations), and of course the climate-change denialism. Obama may still be too right wing for my tastes, but he’s not going to completely screw the world over.

  4. The McCain/ Palin ticket is terrifying for America and the world. I couldn’t vote for them.

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