Posted by: hellonhairylegs | September 20, 2008

Film Review: Gray Matters

Director: Sue Kramer

Actors: Heather Graham, Alan Cumming, Sissy Spacek 

Stars: Two

The premise of the movie is that a brother and a sister fall in love with the same woman, and as a bonus twist the sister had not previously realised that she was gay. I see two ways that this movie could have been created: most probably a movie about two brothers was collided with the standard trashy chick flick or maybe an actually pro-GLBTQI script was HollyWowed into dross. Either way the end product is a garish parody.

In the movie the main theme of the story seemed to be the relationship between Gray and her brother, not Gray and her love life. Her support structure is the fat best friend who isn’t actually fat (they actually acknowledge that, which is one of a few high points of the movie, but then they fail to acknowledge there is nothing wrong with being fat) and a male cabbie driver who she “needs” to help her go into her first gay bar.

The movie stinks of poorly executed empowerful feminism. They come out strong in support of the rights of same sex couples while promoting stereotypes. The protagonist asks out a guy after he compliments her clothes and he turns out to be gay. Yeah. Furthermore the movie showcases only one form of lesbian, a young white woman who performs male defined feminity . The only lesbian who isn’t presented in that mold is ridiculed. The movie balances out to mean zero.

The only reason it gets two stars is that it takes a break from the conventionally attractive white woman falling in love with the conventionally attractive white man. It would have been three if it hadn’t shown a conventionally attractive white woman falling in love with another conventionally attractive white woman.

The movie title promised complexities and the movie just didn’t deliver.


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