Posted by: hellonhairylegs | September 21, 2008

It’s MY Choice

I hear a lot of this. “It’s MY choice to vote for X/ watch porn/ eat Nestle/ wear makeup.” It is your choice. It may not be a feminist choice.

Choices have consequences. Your choice to vote for X could rob a pregnant woman of choice. Watching porn creates a market for rape. Eating Nestle is supporting child labour and polices that resulted in the death of infants in developing countries. Wearing makeup makes it that much harder for other women to buck the norm. 

Sometimes we don’t have a feminist choice and that doesn’t mean we’re not feminists. We make hundreds of choices everyday and not all of them can be feminist. Often in political elections we have a choice between a centrist white dude and a right wing white dude. We might even have the choice to vote for independents with no hope. Yeah, it sucks to not have a good choice.



  1. very well said indeed.

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