Posted by: hellonhairylegs | September 23, 2008

Life Goals

  • Get a degree(s) in Anthropology, Economics, Women’s Studies, English, Philosophy, Psychology or something else interesting.
  • Attain economic independence ASAP.
  • Have the privacy and money to take one hour showers and run around the house naked.
  • Give up American citizenship dramatically after the Republicans win an election (hopefully far into the future).
  • Write and publish a book.
  • See abortion and birth control widely available worldwide.
  • Have a happy and satisfying personal life, including making lots of female friends.

This is what I, a woman, want. -scans list- Notice how there was no mention of a house in suburbia and a rich white husband to lure into matrimony with my womanly wiles? Shocking, I know.



  1. Yeah, when asked to envision my future in high school, whatever I came up with never included a husband and children either. I wasn’t consciously excluding them; it’s just that when asked to envision my future it never occurred to me to put them there.

    So now I have a doctorate, a scientific career, and an apartment full of what I like in which I do whatever I like. Sounds like a good deal to me.

    Oh, and that bit about economic independence ASAP? That’s the biggie when dealing with a parent like yours. The sense of liberation is incredible. And incredulous was how mine felt when over and over again, even when I was in bad shape, she found out she couldn’t buy me. Hee.

  2. I suggest adding sociology to your list of possible degrees. It’s pretty boss–I would argue it to be far more boss than psychology.

  3. well, you should double major in women’s studies and anthropology…soo interesting!

  4. Thanks Kizzie and Crankosaur, I will take your advice on board.

    Having your own apartment sounds awesome Helen. For most of my life I’ve envisioned my future with a husband, just because that’s what everyone else said. I still imagined having a husband and kids, even though I was never attracted to guys.

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