Posted by: hellonhairylegs | October 23, 2008

Random Realisation of the Day

I had a crush on my female best friend in year one! Hah.

I already knew my male best friend had a crush on me. We were like a mini soap opera.



  1. Sounds like my life! I recall that in high school, the most frequent recipients, besides cheerleaders and Asians who skipped grades (good God, the fetishization of childishness and an entire culture is disgusting), of unrequited crushes were lesbians. Apparently all of my straight male friends had a crush on me at one time or another, and my friend Vicki, who could pass as a guy half of the time (never understood it, honestly).

    Of course, I’ve fallen in love with my best female friend, and had plenty of crushes on my straight female friends too.

  2. Uh oh… You’ve been tagged!

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