Posted by: hellonhairylegs | October 27, 2008

My Body is NOT Public Property

You may admire the ocean, the bush or the pretty birdies. My breasts are not part of the scenery. I am not an object to be admired. It is not flattering when you catcall and/ or whistle. It is dehumanising and just a douchebag thing to do. Please stop.

My body is not for anyone to touch without my consent. Kissing, groping or steering me by the small of my back is not ok. If I want to be kissed or touched I will inform you. Whether you’re a skeezy old dude running your hand up my thigh or the asshole who tries to turn a handshake into foreplay, please stop.

If you do these things, no matter your intention, you are a terrorist. You make it that much harder for women to feel safe. You are using fear as a weapon. If you stand by and watch your friend terrorise women, you are an accomplice.

This serves as my notice to the world. I’m tired of being afraid. If you indulge in male terrorism or support it, I will treat you like a terrorist. There will be no pretending it was an accident or any other type of evasions. I will call you out and humiliate you. I will post your picture on the internet with a description of what you’ve done. I will find out your name, and make sure a google search reveals how you act around women. I will not be nice but I will be brutally honest.  It has become clear to me that some of you won’t stop. You like the power too much. Fine. I’ll do my best to make you stop.



  1. FUCK yes. And no mercy on any harassment-apologists who try to claim we should take groping as a COMPLIMENT, jeez, uptight feminists! either.

  2. Preach it!

  3. Wooo, awesome!!

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