Posted by: hellonhairylegs | October 30, 2008

People Can Change

I was pondering why I still talk to a Neo-Nazi, an MRA and a misogynist white gamer dude. I realised that at various points in my life I have been Christian, pro-war on terror, anti-affirmative action, neutral on abortion and same-sex marriage. Through the words of others and my experiences I’ve gotten to this point. So I hope, and keep hitting my heads against those walls.

Speaking of which, today I got into an argument with a friend about porn. He thought I needed to calm down and wasn’t thinking enough about the men. Also, when I repeated that women are being raped he said having one argument wasn’t enough.

So I hope. I hope for a non-violent revolution. I hope humanity doesn’t destroy itself before we overthrow the patriarchy. I hope.

(Oh, and I don’t think Christianity is as bad as being pro-war on terror. Yay freedom of religion.)



  1. Is that one person or three that you still talk to?!
    Honestly, I can’t imagine having the patience to keep at it, so you impress me. As ever.
    Also – “what about Teh Menz”? In PORN?!
    Since clearly, the men who use/ are involved in the making of porn are so very downtrodden. I can see the logic… if I turn my brain inside out…

  2. Three different people, united in believing that these days women and Aboriginals have it better. Sometimes it is a challenge.

    I wasn’t worried so much about the What about teh Menz as that this dude thought that women being raped wasn’t reason enough to stop porn.

  3. Um, I think the fact that women and children are raped for people’s voyeuristic pleasure is a big enough argument against porn, but here are a few more dude-centric arguments against it:
    * It increases sexual difficulty among men
    * It makes it more difficult for men to form meaningful relationships with actual women
    * It gives boys and men really effed up ideas about sex and female pleasure
    * The porn industry makes its money assuming men are pathetic, bratty, overprivileged children who can’t get laid and need their egos coddled
    * Sitting in front of a computer screen for 4 hours jacking off onto the keyboard is completely lame and pretty much the antithesis of the sexy, fun, rebelious lifestyle the porn industry purports to represent
    Seriously. Take the evilness out of porn, and it is still completely pathetic.

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