Posted by: hellonhairylegs | November 1, 2008

Reclaim The Night Sydney 2008

Unfortunately I forgot the digital camera, so y’all will have to make do with grainy mobile phone pictures. I took a lot of photos before the march began while the light was still good. It seemed like around three hundred people showed up. I met some people who were intense even by my standards and had a few interesting conversations.   

Pro-Choice and Proud
Pro-Choice and Proud

Not quite "Business as Usual"
Not quite


It was amazing. The march was wonderful, we got a bit of support from the street (including two bridal parties) and we had a percussion band. When we got to Hyde Park we had a series of wonderful women talk honestly about their experiences. In regards to the Northern Territory intervention, I’ve learnt that income management really sucks. It is also hard for many communities to get access to food, healthcare and transport. The Northern Territory intervention is making the situation worse.



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