Posted by: hellonhairylegs | November 10, 2008


I’m still mentally exhausted from the last round of exams and from some other stuff. I’ve just been pondering how if I were an ev-pysch asshole I would use fan-fic as an example of our evolutionary need to matchmake. Although matchmaking is generally less successful and a little less ethical than fan-fic (although thankfully it results in less chatspeak).

Also, I would be interested in studying the history of the anti-choice movement, or  more specifically the relation between the Catholic Church and contraception. I bet you I could say several mean things about the Catholic Church in a very short essay.

My favourite word of all time is solidarity. What’s yours?

(Yes, my brain is a dollop of useless goo at the moment. However could you tell?)



  1. Insensibility. I just like the way it sounds.

    I’m all for taking potshots at the Catholic Church. Growing up in it often has that effect.

  2. Favourite words? Integrity, lucha (struggle) and of course irresponsibility.

    The Catholic church should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity on the grounds for obstructing efforts to encourage safe-sex practices in Africa. If condemning millions to a painful death from AIDS because your *god* doesn’t believe in condoms isn’t genocide, what is?

  3. “Dire”.

  4. Hi, I lurk here occasionally. I’m coming out of the closet to recommend “Immaculate Contraception” by Emma Dickens. A rollicking journey through the history of birth control with lots of juicy stuff on the Catholic Church.


  5. I’ve just been pondering how if I were an ev-pysch asshole I would use fan-fic as an example of our evolutionary need to matchmake.

    Lol, I wonder what the ev-psych arseholes would make of slash then? Given that ev-psych crowd tend, overall, to have a very heteronormative view of the world (ZOMG, it’s all about heterosexual people having BABIEZ!!!one!!1!)

    I’m not sure that I have a single favourite word, but I am very fond of the phrase “false dichotomy”. It is very useful when writing one’s thesis. 😀

  6. my favorite is onomatopoeia. what an awesome word 🙂

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