Posted by: hellonhairylegs | November 16, 2008

Hawk and Fisher- Haven of Lost Souls

Part of a larger series involving these two characters but I’ve only read this one, Beyond the Blue Moon and Blue Moon Rising. All good reads for the fantasy buff.

Hawk and Fisher are a husband and wife pair who take on evil. Fisher is kickass but Hawk is clearly the main character. Most of the characters are male but women are a hell of a lot more common than male elves, dwarves and dragons. The extreme patriarchal assholes usually get what’s coming to them (i.e. an inch of steel in their stomach) but the Nice Guyism sets my teeth on edge.

For every moment of blame a moment of *headdesk* surfaces. For instance; Green points out that tantric magic is usually marginalised because it is a female realm but fails to address crappy gender roles. The content is medium light, there is one instance where Fisher is kidnapped, some assholes try to rape her and she beats them up convincingly.

The one thing about this book that I loved as a kid and keeps it in my heart as a sentimental favourite is that Fisher isn’t subtle and she doesn’t have to be. She is awesome as is, without wiles, without some bullshit about agility making up for brawn.

I give it three stars, although it is by no means feminist. Here is an example of why.

Every city has its favourite blood sports. Some cities prefer the traditional cruelties of bearbaiting or cockfights, while others indulge their basic appetites with gladiators and arenas. The city port of Haven gets its thrills from the dirtiest sport of all: politics.



  1. That cover art is great. Of she swings that sword she decapitates the dud sneaking up behind her. Oh…teh husband? Oh well.

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