Posted by: hellonhairylegs | November 21, 2008

Fair Warning

The next time I hear someone say “alpha male” I will hit something. Hard.



  1. Mutters, “Alpha male.” ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Jj. For me, referring to women or their privates as “pussy” sets me on edge. In fact, anyone who uses that and “wet” in the same sentence around me risks violent death. Ask my cousin; he thought I was kidding…

  2. And oddly, it’s hard to find femslash WRITTEN BY WOMEN which is devoid of any risquรฉ cat analogies. ๐Ÿ˜ Is this wrong or am I being a prude?

  3. HoHL, How about you bite them?
    Well… they *do* seem to have a thing for wolves!

    @ zenbiscuit: I find “pussy” illogical. Cats don’t like being wet. And no, you’re not being a prude, you’re being sensible ๐Ÿ™‚

    Although I personally have more of a problem with the phrase “her box” — my genitalia is many things, but it’s not a fucking cuboid!

  4. Zenbiscuit– if you’re into Doctor Who at all, try An Interstellar Burst by such_heights– not a cat analogy in sight (well, okay, cat-nuns do make a brief appearance, but not in a sexual way). This is an excellent feminist AU ending for Journey’s End.

    I’ll add my distaste for the “hot wet pussy” terminology, and note also with annoyance that the only alternative often seems to be overly flowery language that reinforces notions of female delicacy and association with viriginity (being “unplucked” etc). So few writers seem interested in developing a powerful lexicon for writing about women’s genitals.

  5. Zen, I hate it when people use the word pussy or beaver as a substitute for vagina. It doesn’t work at all and it promotes the image that our genitals are seperate beings.

    Rachel- I agree with you on the box thing. That’s just creepy.

    Beppie- I love the fanfic. That’s totally how I wanted season four to end.

  6. Thatโ€™s totally how I wanted season four to end.

    Wouldn’t it have just been perfect? That fic is totally my personal fanon now.

  7. Off topic, but the comment about the cats not liking being wet made me laugh, but also made some good literal sense… So I was wondering if the what the etymology of pussy was in sexual slang… After googling ‘pussy’ (not recommended as a sole search term – should have seen that coming…) for a bit, there seem to be a few possible roots, as is usually the case… One is a germanic root, with ‘puse’ meaning vulva, another is nordic, meaning pocket or purse… In terms of cat things, pussy is a diminutive of ‘puss’ (just meaning cat, and cat apparently meant rabbit to start with), and cat in french (chat) also seems to have a similar sexual connotation… all seem to date from somewhere between 900 and 1600, with the sexual meanings becoming attached (or documented) in the 1800’s – from memory dyke, gay, french letter (somewhat archaic now) and a few other words also date from then…

  8. Lol @ “it’s not a fucking cuboid”. And I agree with Beppie – progressive thinking ends when characters become aroused, then all is slick and moist and moaning. For god’s sake!!
    I don’t watch Dr Who but I might read the fanfic anyway, just for some “pussy” reprieve ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. The use of “alpha male” makes me giggle, only because of the zoology course I just took. We studied the social structures of canines, and the term “alpha male” was always used to describe the biggest and most powerful male canine whom the other canines naturally deferred to. However, there’s a flip side: the alpha male of most canine social groups (packs, herds, whatever the term is) is literally incapable of the sort of violence and greed that humans described as “alpha males” exhibit as naturally as breathing. Wolf packs have a strict hierarchy, true, but it’s funny because the alpha female occupies a very high point in the chain of command–nearly equal to her mate–, and the alpha male couldn’t be the kind of asshole that human “alpha males” are without the entire pack dying.

    The use of the word makes me giggle, then, because it’s so full of romantic tripe that has little to nothing to do with animal or human reality. The human “alpha male” doesn’t mate for life, share power with an equally dominant female, or does he act in the same altruistic manner that canines do. The hijacking of the term is just the collective fantasy of socialization, in which rapists and murderers are just poor whittle misunderstood alpha males. In a wolf pack, they’d be the wolf that all the other ones kill for the good of the pack once his true nature was discovered.

  10. I used to feel the same way about ‘pussy’, until a Russian friend said that he really liked the term’s friendly connotation. Apparently in Russian (feel free to correct me if anyone knows better), the corresponding slang is much more derogatory. Now I feel neutral about ‘pussy’ – sure it’s silly, but at the same time it’s somewhat positive and independent-sounding.

  11. what are you next to and likely to hit? any LiBeRal DooDs around? can you hit them?

    they make me cry! “but I’m a NICE guy(tm)”


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