Posted by: hellonhairylegs | November 27, 2008

The Feminist Evolution of Joss Whedon

Stage 1: A white, conventionally attractive woman kicking ass.

Stage 2: The white, conventially attractive boyfriend of Stage 1 kicking ass.

Stage 3: The white, conventionally attractive misogynist enemy of Stage 1 kicking ass.

I feel the progressiveness. Really, I do.

ETA: Yes, this was harsh. My intent was not to make any individual feminists feel bad or to claim that Mal is really Caleb. My intent was to highlight that (a) Joss Whedon isn’t that progressive and (b) if this is the stuff that is considered progressive in Hollywood, then we’re really screwed.



  1. Hihihi. Nice Joss Whedon takedown. I don’t know why everybody thinks his stuff is so edgy – it just makes me bored and kinda grossed out.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this Hell. You have totally made my day!!! 😀

  3. Thanks Cassie. I do like selective episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and even one episode of Firefly (*hangs head*) but I reserve the right the criticise people for crap, even if they are labelled feminists.

    No problem allecto, it wouldn’t have happened without you.

  4. Point taken and agreed that Whedon uses a lot of white people for main characters.

    But you forgot about main characters; Zoe and Shepard as well as the multi-ethnic slayer contingent, including major side characters.

    I’m all for cultural criticism, but you’ve brought his work up with these brief analyzes a few times now, and you’re (conveniently?) leaving out parts of his work that complicate your objections.

    I know you’re capable of thinking more deeply than this.

    I’m just saying, don’t oversimplify to make your point.

  5. I understand your point and, while Buffy ect is not my favorite thing, I have one quibble. The character in Firefly is played by the same actor as the “white, conventionally attractive misogynist enemy,” but it is not the same character. A nit-pick, I know, but I felt like saying it.

  6. I know whatsername, I just haven’t been feeling like deep thinking lately. As for the multi-ethnic slayer contigent, all were thin and conventionally attractive. For the first six seasons 2/3 of the slayers were American. The entire Firefly universe is essentially an extension of American history.

    Yeah Lydia, I know. It was kinda being tongue and cheek there.

  7. It really wasn’t that edgy when Star Trek did it forty years ago, which is where I suspect he got all his scripts for Firefly.
    I think it is the same character if you consider predictable stereotype a character frame.

  8. Ah, ok. If that was your aim, then I understand. Sorry I misunderstood.

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