Posted by: hellonhairylegs | November 29, 2008

In Which I Reveal my Strange Sense of Humour

From The Historian’s Purpose by Alan Bullock.

He cannot begin to think or explain events without the help of the preconceptions, the assumptions, the generalization of experience he brings with him.

You don’t say.

From Both Sidelines Now by David Alford, in attempt to promote bipartisanship.

We believe in initiative and achievement but don’t like the growing gap between rich and poor. We don’t like abortion but don’t want women to be told what to do with their bodies. We want the environment protected but also want private property rights observed.




  1. Wow. So much to unpack in that one little paragraph– so many false oppositions. He sets up “virtues” as values that are always in opposition to individual liberty– implying in his first sentence, for instance, that innovation is incompatible with economic justice, which suggests in turn that the gap between rich and poor is a matter of liberty. Then, of course, in the sentence you highlight, he reveals that “we” (which I assume refers to humans) doesn’t actually include women– it’s about what “we” (ie, white men) want for women– even though he’s ostensibly talking about us women having the liberty to control our own bodies, he’s denying us agency. And as for private property– well, the notion of private land ownership is, IMO, completely farcical. What we do with the land affects everyone– the idea that any individual or corporation can truly “own” a piece of land, as though it exists in a bubble, is just ludicrous.

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