Posted by: hellonhairylegs | December 2, 2008

Sanity Shout Out

People do not have “problem areas.” People have skin, flesh and bone.



  1. And hair!

  2. “problem areas”? are we talking about a diet commercial? real estate? the little aliens that talk to you at night? (hey, I have those too!)
    …But I was confused.

  3. People talking about clothes, as in “they help cover up those problem areas.”

  4. Amen!

    Lemur you know how in fashion mags and commercials and infomercials and all that shit they’re always talking about those “problem areas” you need to “work on”?

    Yah, those.

  5. Oh, for Ceiling Cat’s sake. Society sucks sometimes. Can I opt out?
    Also, I feel silly for not getting that. Amsosmart.

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