Posted by: hellonhairylegs | December 8, 2008

So Many Reasons to Say Sorry

By 1788 around 500 Aboriginal tribes or nations occupied the Australian landmass.

In 1788 the first European settlement – Britain’s latest penal colony – was established at what is now Sydney. The effects were catastrophic. With the convicts, soldiers and settlers came diseases to which Aboriginal people had no resistance – typhoid, flu, smallpox and venereal disease.

The next hundred years saw Aboriginal people forced out of their country, dispossessed of habitable land, shot, poisoned and massacred as successive waves of British settlers sought land for building, agriculture, grazing and mining. Rape and abduction of Aboriginal women and girls were common.

Because her parents were fair in complexion, Millicent was selected for assimilation when she was four years old. She would never see her parents again.

By the time she went to high school she could no longer remember the faces of her family. In first year high school she was sent out to work on a farm as a domestic. The four shillings she was payed went to the home. The farmer came to her room each night and raped her.



  1. Great post, HHL. I watched Rabbit Proof Fence the other night and it reminded me why I want to throatpunch white people who complain about “reverse discrimination” and “political correctness run amok”.

    Thanks for always calling attention to issues of racism, and emphasising that being antisexist without being antiracist really lacks teeth and ignores some of the privilege that props up the very system we, as feminists, are trying to fight.

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