Posted by: hellonhairylegs | December 10, 2008

Feminist Guidebook to the World- The Blurb

We do Patriarchy to English translations!

Patriarchy phrase: You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar [Common variation: You see the glass as half empty, don’t you?]

English Meaning: Stop making the men feel uncomfortable, telling the truth can hurt their feelings.

There is also a guide to the phallic landmarks of the world, a short history of the world, a longer history of patriarchy, a feminist art guide and practical advice for any traveller.

It has all the conservative mouthpieces angry!

Copies available in many other languages.


How fun would this be to write? Maybe next time I go travelling I should start taking notes.



  1. I’d buy that. Heck, I’d by a dozen and distribute them.

  2. This sounds like fun to write. Couldn’t one introduce a tag for wordpress or technorati, so that whenever someone writes a post that would fit one could find and agregate it?

    hm… technically it should be possible…hm

  3. by the way this is not true if you have fruit flies it is easier to catch them with vinegar.

    Dear Patriarchy, Science ur doin it rong.

  4. Damn, I would love to write that 😀 I’d be a bazillionaire….!!!

  5. Why on earth would anyone want to catch flies anyway?
    There’s the part that always has me puzzled

  6. Lol froufrou, so true.

    I hope someone does write the feminist guidebook to the world, I’m far too lazy.

  7. Putting aside the question of why one would want to catch flies, it’s always amused me that flies actually are more attracted to vinegar. Clearly this proves the necessity of snark!

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