Posted by: hellonhairylegs | December 10, 2008

This Might Seem Like A Silly Question

But I’ve never been too good at research. What’s the best way to play D&D online? It seems to me that I know so many awesome feminist D&D fans and it would be nice if we could play together.



  1. I’ve never played D&D online, but long ago I used to play in an unstructured character-based game– usually we’d just role play in chat rooms, and make up the scene as we went along (although we’d have determined certain things like setting and location beforehand, of course). That was great fun.

  2. I dunno, I’ve always just used a dicebot ( and a chat room, although I’ve only played White Wolf games online and not D&D.

  3. Never played D&D online personally, but LivvySidhe’s dicebot/chatroom idea is what most people I know have done (a few have run WoD play-by-emails, but the games have to be a lot more character-intensive and much less dice-rolly.)

  4. Shout-out to using a message board. It takes longer, but as long as you can trust people not to fudge the dice they are rolling on their own, it creates a better atmosphere than a chat room does.

  5. I’ve used both a chatroom (using a dice-rolling program), with the DM also using private IMs with individual players to tell them things the rest of the party wouldn’t be privy to, and a message board. When I used the message board, we all posted what we were trying to do, and the relevant modifiers, and the DM would roll the dice and tell us what happened. The messaging program we used was something called KDXClient, which was not Internet-based because we lived in a dorm with erratic Internet connectivity.

    Other ideas I’ve heard proposed (which we never tried because we never found the time) were playing via Skype, and using a blog to summarize the story. (This in a backstory-heavy campaign).

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