Posted by: hellonhairylegs | December 10, 2008

War on Christmas? Sign Me Up.

I hate Christmas. In the last few days I’ve had gold paper super-glued to my fingers, I’ve tripped over a paper-mache deer and been hugged by someone wearing a reindeer suit in the mall. I’ve watched sparkling plastic vines choke perfectly innocent banisters and random decorations coated on walls, the tackier the better. Anyway, you’d think with so many talented artists lying around someone could make a Nativity scene that doesn’t suck.

I like giving and getting presents, but they aren’t worth the commercialism and the Christmas carols. Each to her own I always say (and then claim I was saying “hir” to shut up the local MRA infestation) but DAMN, I draw the line at Christmas themed bins. WHO THE HELL NEEDS BINS WITH MANIACAL SANTAS PAINTED AROUND THE SIDES?

I need a holiday from the holiday season.

That said, *Warm and fuzzy feelings to everyone, regardless of the time of year*


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